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Partnership Philosophy

The FirstService Partnership Philosophy is the guiding principle for our acquisition strategy and the foundation upon which our many great relationships have grown and prospered.

Since its inception in 1989, FirstService has partnered with over 300 entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world. Successful management teams choose FirstService as a preferred partner because we share their entrepreneurial values and can provide the resources and strategic capabilities to accelerate growth and take their businesses to the next level. Our operating partners retain control of day-to-day frontline decision-making in their business while maintaining an equity stake in their future growth. Our successful track record has set industry leading benchmarks in terms of value appreciation and partner retention across our two service platforms.

We focus on four important attributes of partnership that have been at the core of our successful value creation over the last 25 years.

1) Alignment of Interests

Each of our major business leaders owns a significant equity stake in the business they run on a day-to-day basis. Our partners participate financially in the long term growth of the operations and remain responsible for frontline decision-making.

2) Partnering with Proven Management

We operate in a decentralized manner, trusting all day-to-day decisions to the people on the front line. We do this with confidence because each of our service lines is operated by a proven management team.

3) Leveraging Knowledge and Relationships

We create value for our shareholders and partners by providing:

4) Long Term Capital

Unlike typical financial investors and private equity firms, FirstService does not have a fixed time investment horizon. We are a builder of businesses and are looking to buy and create value in our businesses over the long term. We continually invest in our businesses by providing growth or acquisition capital.